Music To Vote By

Change In America by Head-Roc (rmx feat. GODISHEUS)

Yoshida Brothers – Rising from Best Of Yoshida Brothers 吉田兄弟

The Common (music vid) by The MOLOTOV

Jef Stott Deep Playa


TJP Agron Belica (featuring Patrick Dreier & Gilad Atzmon)

Dum Dum Me Down – XXX

Yoshida Brothers – Storm

Go Back To Sleep- The Molotov

Shiva In Exile – We're All One (Nour)

Nickelback – If Everyone Cared

Who Would Jesus Bomb?

Class Enemy – The MOLOTOV

Nickelback – This Means War

Immortal Technique Wake up

Hero's Return ~ Jef Stott

The 3rd World – Immortal Technique (LYRICS)

Nickelback- When We Stand Together

Azam Ali and Niyaz live in Tunisia Noor (The Light in my Eyes)

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