Hint For Using The Page Editor In WordPress – Visual & HTML Tabs

Often when editing a page one will find that hitting enter will start a new paragraph, when one wants to establish a line break.
This has frustrated me for years, and I have finally found a very simple solution.

At the top right of the editor itself is two tabs, you should ALWAYS ensure that you are in the Visual tab.
I try to always leave the Visual tab active, yet it could turn out the editor will open in HTML tab, because I have left it there.

When I want a line break, I switch to the HTML tab, and enter the code for a line break, "<br />".

There is an easier way, if you simply go to the HTML tab, then hit enter.

You will get a line break, the editor will insert the code for you (though you will not see it).

Do not forget to immediately go back to the Visual tab,
or you may well end up with an incomprehensible mess.

If you ever desire to enter HTML code, this is the official page to look it up at:

Monte Letourneau – Necedah WI
wigp.org, montesite.net, wifishingclub.orgnecedahharvest.org, Allness.be


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