Please Help Guide Design for The Next WIGP & Local GP Website Theme(s)

You two were very helpful, barring the fact that you surprised me by agreeing with my technocratic preferences.
However, it has been repeatedly expressed that is too boring, and that is the only reason anyone but myself wants to change it.

If we use WordPress we cannot make it look like or, but I could try to copy elements, like the header image, or size,, or none, color schemes, layout options, screen width adaptability, et cetera, Similarly the custom platforms of GreenChange and are not exactly replicable either, though most elements can be copied.

Many of the sites I sent you are not WordPress sites, and I'm trying to chose between themes and theme options.

So, consider not the quality nor the quantity of content and it's arrangement.

If these were both equal in action-ability, information density and ease of access, and arrangement of material,
which of these Themes (or templates) would you prefer, and how would you improve it? vs

Which is the better basic layout, and whether the rounded corners matter (or are too big).
To be honest, the most current is /rcgp (WeaverII theme), because it has the most dynamic, or adaptable, size and resizing options, rounded corners, a lot of options, and is very easy to use.

I preferred the shorter header I was able to set in '/wigp (Bombax), but found that can be dynamically controlled with the size of the picture in '/rcgp (WeaverII).

Refer to the other sites in the original list below, or any others, in terms of color scheme or what not.

What I wanted is the art student side of us to give a gut check, but I respected the way you guys answered enough to ask you to dig deeper.

I think I'll present a set of options with identical lack of content for asking everyone else again.

Monte Letourneau – Necedah WI,,,


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