We Want STUFF?!! Damn Straight Bill O Riley!

We want stuff like truth and honesty, also equality, freedom, liberty, and the right to advocate and act, meaningfully, to ensure and achieve continued humane human survival.

We even have the dastardly aspirations to live, live well, and not watch our grandchildren go extinct!

Think you might someday be able to be OK with that?
How will you ever survive not having little people to be intrinsically better than no matter how subhuman you act?

The material security that should come with citizenship in such a wealthy society would also be good, health care, retirement, education, employment…
Everyone does better when EVERYONE does better.

"Because it's a changing country, the demographics are changing, it's not a traditional America anymore, and there are 50% of the voting public who want stuff"
… "People feel that they are entitled to things"

Stuff AND things! where will it end?! oh woe for real humans and woe for those who emulate Christ.
The unwashed tide is about to tsunami over The Chosen!

We're here, we want to survive, we want to be human, we want grace, we want beauty.

Get used to it.

It's actually pretty hilarious to watch, Bill is so deeply flustered, trying to cry crocodile tears while plotting the best sound bite.
Looking a bit like the fish out of water he is, he seems high, trip starting to go bad…

But don't watch the vid, don't look behind the curtain, you might scare a very little man; and one or two of his little pals is def going to blow up on us no matter what you do.


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